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Our Mission: 

Bringing TRUTH and SANCTITY Back to OUR 12 Step "CURE".   

What does Our Mission Statement mean?  

Historical Facts:  The 12 Steps were Originally designed to 'Come To'...KNOW and EXPERIENCE a Higher Plane of Existence via Conscious Practice of Spiritual Principles.  Simply put, it was designed to Come Up out of the 'lower self' to Self-Realize/Actualize the True, Higher Self.  We Appreciate Our New LIFE in Joy and Happiness it Infinitely Surpasses the "Old Ideas of..."the Chemicals Between US".

Because of the fact, "We Intuitively KNOW what used to baffle us", one can't be 'fooled' or 'tricked' when one Receives a 'Spiritual Awakening' where WE  Find the Answer, the Truth, the Power, the Healing "CURE" Comes from Within. 

'The CURE for Alcoholism' was the Original Title of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.  John D. Rockefeller's $5,000.00 for publishing brought his 'friends' Control as the General Service Board. 

Today,  WE have the running Con-Game of the Rehab Industry of Rockefeller medicine.  Check out how the 'Rehab Industry' began to take shape with the You Tube video of 'Duffy on Sponsorship', conveniently after the last Founder of A. A. past in '71.  The 'propaganda' of a 'Sponsorship' pamphlet came out in 1974 pushing 'sponsorship' upon the newcomer.  

The 12 Steps have simply been 'Turned and Twisted' into the Opposite of its True Intent, accomplished simply via the Power of Suggestion'.  

For those 'Open and Willing' to Have a Greater Understanding, I Share the KNOWLEDGE I've acquired over the past five plus years of MY OWN Research, Study, Participation, and Observation (of Atrocities!!) in these 12 Step environments.  Let me put it this way, They have been turned into 'Anti-Self Realization'.  

The crux of the Problem?  The False ideology of 'Sponsorship' where the Cult of Personalities come Before Principles.  This 'practice' not only inhibits one from 'overcoming their addictions, but actually causes Great Harm i.e. 'Acute Anxiety, Deep Depression, Confusion and MUCH, MUCH WORSE. 

This malpractice of Sponsorship/Peer to Peer Support Recovery' is widely accepted in this deep vested 'status quo' without question.   This malpractice continues to Brainwash people into "Doing as they're told", to NOT THINK for themselves.

What We have is Intellectually Disabled people guiding another within 12 Step Communities i.e. 'Treatment',  'Sober Living'.

FACT;  It is inherently AGAINST FEDERAL LAW under the 'Americans with Disabilities Act' which is supposed to PROTECT the 'Disabled' from Mental and Emotional Abuse.

The Veil Is being Lifted For US All to 'AWAKEN' to the TRUTH in  Uncovering that which has been Hidden.  The TRUTH, The WAY, and LIFE Is to 'BE'....Found from Within as WE ALL Walk along Spiritual Lines as Our GUIDE to Progress.  

I Hope, Pray, and Encourage US ALL to Uplift, Encourage, and EMPOWER one another with KNOWLEDGE thereby, "We Won';t Get Fooled Again"!!  

Wanna GO to Practice? Allow me to Share HOW.

"This IS YOUR TIME 'To 'BE' 

Our Daily 'WORD UP?' for February 23, 2020  MUSE -  For US To... ponder


think over/about

mull over

reflect on


meditate on

give some thought to

cogitate on





think 'UPRISING'!!  Out of Mental Slavery to KNOW TRUE FREEDOM

Daily 'WORD UP' w/ Dreams by Beck 2/22/20

We LIVE 'IN' the Mo-ment/At-One-Ment/Atonement as 'Ment'=MIND....'IN' the ..

"NOW these Broken Wings Free me

About a LIGHT-Year from reality ("our old ideas" of reality).

Wake Up from your rêverie

The TIME IS HERE, Don't go to Sleep

Streets are running on the brink...Cause there's trouble on the way...Oh, get a dog and pony for a judgment day...

She's (OUR 'Radar LOVE' of 'Intuition') Makin' me High, I wanna get me Free...

Ahh, stop dragging down my dreams, dreams, yeah"

Proverb: "Can't Hold a Good (Wo)Man Down". As "a person with Talent, Resolve, and or MORAL Strength WILL eventually Succeed despite having been overlooked, injured, or defeated".

Or the same from Booker T. Washington's Quote;. "You can't hold a man down without staying down with him."

The Meek of Young HEARTS!! RISE UP Above this 'material plane' and 'BE' of the Higher Realms Where "The 'KING DOME', The Mind of God IS With 'IN' You" as WE CELEBRATE! 

Don't Let 'em get ya down - DREAM

Daily 'WORD UP?'

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12 Step Cure,

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Bringing the Truth and Sanctity Back to OUR 12 Step "Cure"

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Bringing Truth & Sanctity Back to (Y)OUR 12 Step "CURE"