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Remote 'Listening-Counsel' to Encourage, Uplift, Empower.


 The Importance of WORD 

'ENGLISH' - origin:. of or pertaining to the Angles," from Engle (plural) "the Angles," aka the 'Language of the Birds' or the 'Green Language'.

"The FACT the molecular structure of water 'IS Affected' (Cause and Effect) by Our Consciousness, Our Intent, and Our Sounds is Extremely Important" KNOW.

'THIS' may not be for you, but maybe there is someone you may Share it With who may Want to KNOW they CAN 'BE' Healed, healing others via 'WORD(s) in 'Seeing' in Higher Definition.  The Truth IS and CAN be Known Within each and Everyone of US.

"Gracious Words are a Honeycomb,

Sweet to the Soul and HEALING to the bones." Proverbs 16:24.  

I 'Wondered' Why Pooh Bear was Always Found 'BEING' 'IN' the Honey Pot....The 'Gold' "Over the Rainbow'.

Prayer, Thought, Ideas Manifest, CREATE Our Reality hence, we may have heard, "In the Beginning was the Word, ....." - John 1:1

I Appreciate KNOWING the True meaning of the Mason symbol 'G' ='GENESIS'. defined;. latIn: .'Genare'...(re)Generate (Create)

"the origin or mode of 'in'-FORM-ation of something".

Just as a computer, when We 'INPUT' True 'GRAMMAR' of FACTS, We 'PROCESS' this to MAKE 'LOGIC' to 'Output' 'RHETORIC' to 'SHOW', Our LIGHT, Camera, 'ACTION' of 'WISDOM' 'ON' the 'Big Screen' of LIFE.  

'VIRUS' defined;   a Harmful or 'Corrupting' Influence.

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